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Why Live In Ransom Township?

Our Demographics

Demographics. .

  • Lowest Elevation: Susquehanna River, 514 ft.

  • Highest Elevation: Bald Mountain, 2,240 ft.

  • Population: 1,411 (2010 Projection)

  • Median Age: 38.6 years

  • Housing Units: 582

  • Median Home Value: $118,800

  • Median Family Income: $51,625

  • Road System (State Et Local): 32.12 linear miles

  • School District: Abington Heights

How Did We Get Established?

Ransom Township was created in 1849 from Exeter and Newton townships and named in honor of Captain Samuel Ransom, who raised a company in 1777 for the defense of the Wyoming Valley and fell in the Wyoming Massacre of 1778. The township’s pioneer settler, John Gardner, was also Lackawanna County’s first settler.

Tax Information ..

Real estate is assessed by Lackawanna County based on its value compared with other similar properties.

The accessed value is a percentage of the actual estimated market value. Based on the accessed value, three tax bills are issued annually to a property owner:

  • one each from the county (39.998 mils)
  • township (7 mils)
  • school district (117.35 mils)

Also, both the township and school district impose a 0.5% tax on earned income, and both have transfer taxes that must be paid when property is transferred.

Voting Districts

  • District 1 – Ransom Twp Municipal Building (2435 Hickory Lane)
  • District 2 – Mount Dewey Community Center (1101 Community Drive)
  • District 3 – Ransom Community Center (2379 Newton Ransom Blvd)

Post Offices with

Zip Codes ..

  • Ransom Township, 18411
  • Ransom Township, 18504
  • Ransom Township, 18653